Your event deserves the best.

Your event a great succes?  Show the world!

event photovideo

How ?

Hire a professional photographer, and your event will look better online than you could have imagined.

  • From a 1 hour lunch meeting to your 2 day conference, party or marriage. 
  • We provide you with a beautiful and long lasting memory. 
  • Photographs are not just an intranet souvenir. 
  • Our photographs are marketing tools, an investment in future marketing and advertising.

Why us? 

You are a professional and you know only quality counts in the end. 

You invested lots of time, energy and budget. 

This is a one time only change to use your event for future marketing purposes. Have it photographed the best way you can afford.

We'll show the quality of your event, in order to have happy clients, participants, speakers or coworkers.

What make a great event photographer ?

-We rather deliver 60 great images, than 250 mediocre images. 

-We are alert 100% of the time. 

-We are always well in advance on your location.

-We grasp that very second that is most important to your event. 

-We have technical know-how and equipment to immortalize speakers in even the most difficult lighting circumstances. 

-We speak 4 languages, so we know what you want in any language and communicate with your guests when needed.

-We speak a visual language. We know how to communicate in strong visuals. 

-Every image we shoot at  your event will feel like an advertisement, and can be used alike.

-We shoot RAW and will personally judge, crop and correct each image to deliver you JPG through file sharing online.

-We'll archive your images for 10 years online, securely accessible for you and/or your clients/speakers.

-You can order prints online of your own event.

-We only focus on photography. When you need video we bring a great videographer next to a photographer.

And that's what we call PROFESSIONAL. If you agree, then read on...