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By: Sander de Wilde | February 02, 2017

No time to post all of our events, but this is just an example of a low profile morning breakfast event with a representative of the European Commission. A one hour talk with about 40 people can even be an inspirational photography event. A few corporate images with the logo and some anonymous pictures of people in the background give my client the broader usage for those images in print and online.

Mainly available light, or invisible flash light give these event photographs that professional look they were looking for, and the post production did the rest.

Another happy client in Brussels.

By: Sander de Wilde | February 21, 2016

.1 think about why you want a professional
2 think about the use of the pictures
3 think about the budget of your event, and the photography budget
4 think about your event in a visual way, what to show, and what not to.
5 check out the speakers' background (banners, light) or do this with the photographer
6 check out the light temperature and way it lights speakers and guests.
7 Think about hiding water bottles and microphones in front of speakers
8 Think about a dress code for the photographer
9 Plan the time the photographer should be at the event
10 Ask your photographer if he has a certain style or view on the matter, and ask to see his portfolio.

So, now you've done all this, it's time to find the best photographer within your budget.

 You can e...

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By: Sander de Wilde | February 13, 2016

For this highly secured client I shot a celebration under very hard lighting circumstances, but they were so happy with the results also because they can use the image for other communication too.

By: Sander de Wilde | February 13, 2016

For this regular client ( I love working for German clients) I shot a meeting with some speakers and workshops. And of course I also shoot the catering, and any logos and banners I spot, so they can be used in future communication of this client.